1 7313529 Portable extender for data transmission within a medical device communication system
2 7313445 Medical lead with flexible distal guidewire extension
3 7313441 Split-can dipole antenna for an implantable medical device
4 7311970 Medical device having surface modification with superoxide dismutase mimic
5 7311715 Suturing set for medical use
6 7311708 Fluid-assisted medical devices, systems and methods
7 7310651 Medical media file management system and method
8 7309324 Non-compliant medical balloon having an integral woven fabric layer
9 7309321 Emergency medical collar
10 7309262 Connector assembly for an implantable medical device and process for making
11 7308894 Apparatuses and methods for providing a conscious patient relief from pain and anxiety associated with medical or surgical procedures according to appropriate clinical heuristics
12 7308316 Storable implantable medical device assembly allowing in package charging
13 7308313 Setscrew retention in connector block for implantable medical device
14 7308312 Setscrew retention in connector block for implantable medical device
15 7308132 Method for robust scale-space analysis of 3D local structures in medical images
16 7307245 Medical item thermal treatment systems and method of monitoring medical items for compliance with prescribed requirements
17 7306784 Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
18 7306783 Membrane-permeant peptide complexes for medical imaging, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical therapy
19 7306768 Filter for medical and laboratory use, especially for blood analysis and the like
20 7306599 Medical instrument and medical instrument system
21 7306587 Adjustable handle for a medical device
22 7306580 Medical device with therapeutic agents
23 7306576 Medical needle device with mis-punctuation prevention shield
24 7306562 Medical risk assessment method and program product
25 7306560 Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system including network access
26 7306199 Needle free medical connector with expanded valve mechanism and method of fluid flow control
27 7304580 Intelligent medical vigilance system
28 7304573 Method and system for determining hardware configuration of medical equipment using RF tags
29 7303560 Method of positioning a medical instrument
30 7303551 Medical delivery/extraction system
31 7303542 Mixing/charging port for medical treatment
32 7303082 Medical waste sorting system with container identification
33 7303081 Handheld medical waste sorting method
34 7302164 System and method for producing medical image data onto portable digital recording media
35 7301670 Medical image recording system
36 7300534 Bonds between metals and polymers for medical devices
37 7300458 Medical implant having a curlable matrix structure
38 7300457 Self-supporting metallic implantable grafts, compliant implantable medical devices and methods of making same
39 7300402 Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system
40 7299085 Remote monitoring of implanted medical device and surface ECG signals
41 7298884 Method and apparatus for classification of pixels in medical imaging
42 7298882 Generalized measure of image quality in medical X-ray imaging
43 7297241 Method and a device for monitoring a medical microsample in the flow measuring cell of an analyzer
44 7297216 Method of fusing a component to a medical storage or transfer device and container assembly
45 7297111 Computerized medical diagnostic and treatment advice system
46 7297102 Minimally invasive medical implant and insertion device and method for using the same
47 7296998 Hydrophilic high density PTFE medical barrier
48 7296710 Container for medical ophthalmic preparations and protective cap for such a container
49 7296688 Apparatus for facilitating medical waste disposal
50 7295988 Computer system for optical scanning, storage, organization, authentication and electronic transmitting and receiving of medical records and patient information, and other sensitive legal documents
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